IFIP/IEEE International Symposium on Integrated Network Management
8-12 April 2019 // Washington DC // USA
Intelligent Management for the Next Wave of Cyber and Social Networks

Demo Sessions

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

10:30AM - 11:00AM


SLA-controlled Proxy Service Through Customisable MANO Supporting Operator Policies
Thomas Soenen (UGENT - imec - Belgium)
Felipe Vicens (ATOS - Spain)
José Bonnet (Portugal Telecom Innovaçao e Sistemas - Portugal)
Marios Touloupou (University of Piraeus - Greece)
Evgenia Kapassa (University of Piraeus - Greece)
Eleni Fotopoulou (Ubitech - Greece)
Manuel Peuster (University of Paderborn - Germany)
Wouter Tavernier (Ghent University - imec - Belgium)

Network Slices Life Cycle Management: Towards Automation
Amina Boubendir (Orange Labs - France)
Fabrice Guillemin (Orange Labs - France)
Sylvaine Kerboeuf (Nokia Bell Labs - France)
Barbara Orlandi (Nokia Bell Labs - France)
Frédéric Faucheux (Nokia Bell Labs - France)
Jean-Luc Lafragette (Nokia Bell Labs - France)
Marie-Line Alberi Morel (Nokia Paris Saclay - France)
Mohamad Yassin (Orange Labs - France)

Experimental Demonstration of 5G Virtual EPC Recovery in Federated Testbeds
Koteswararao Kondepu (Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna - Italy)
Francesco Giannone (Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna)
Serdar Vural (University of Surrey - Great Britain)
Björn Riemer (Fraunhofer Fokus)
Piero Castoldi (Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna - Italy)
Luca Valcarenghi (Scuola Superiore SantAnna - Italy)

3:00PM - 3:30PM


Connection Integration System for ICT Infrastructure Management
Hiroki Nakayama (BOSCO Technologies Inc. - Japan)
Tsunemasa Hayashi (BOSCO Technologies Inc. - Japan)

A Tool Suite for the Automated Synthesis of Security Function Chains
Nicolas Schnepf (INRIA - France)
Remi Badonnel (INRIA - TELECOM Nancy - University of Lorraine - France)
Abdelkader Lahmadi (University of Lorraine - France)
Stephan Merz (LORIA - France)

A Network Protocol for Distributed Orchestration Using Intent-Based Forwarding
Jordan Augé (Cisco Systems - France)
Marcel Enguehard (Cisco Systems & Telecom ParisTech - France)

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

10:30AM - 11:00AM


Cloud-Based System for Fake Tweet Identification
Saranya Krishnan (University of Washington Bothell - USA)
Min Chen (University of Washington Bothell - USA)

Demonstration of an Observability Framework for Cloud Native Microservices
Nicolas Marie-Magdelaine (University of Bordeaux - France)
Toufik Ahmed (University of Bordeaux / Bordeaux INP - France)
Gauthier Astruc-Amato (Lectra)

ViDupe-Duplicate Video Detection as a Service in Cloud
Gousiya Farheen Shaik (University of Washington Bothell - USA)
Min Chen (University of Washington Bothell - USA)

3:00PM - 3:30PM


Demonstration of Synchronization Attacks on Distributed and Cooperative Control in Microgrids
Mingxiao Ma (LORIA - France)
Abdelkader Lahmadi (University of Lorraine - France)
Isabelle Chrisment (TELECOM Nancy - Université de Lorraine - France)

A Tool to Detect and Visualize Malicious DNS Queries for Enterprise Networks
Jawad Ahmed (University of New South Wales - Australia)
Hassan Habibi Gharakheili (University of New South Wales - Australia)
Qasim Raza (University of New South Wales - Australia)
Craig Russell (CSIRO Data61 - Australia)
Vijay Sivaraman (University of New South Wales - Australia)

Highlighting the Gap Between Expected and Actual Behavior in P4-enabled Networks
Nicholas Gray (University of Würzburg - Germany)
Alexej Grigorjew (University of Würzburg - Germany)
Tobias Hoßfeld (University of Würzburg - Germany)
Thomas Zinner (TU Berlin - Germany)
Apoorv Shukla (TU Berlin - Germany)

Thursday, April 11, 2019

10:30AM - 11:00AM


AMIS: Programmable Privacy-Preserving Network Measurement for Analysis and Troubleshooting
Xiaoban Wu (U of Mass Lowell)
Chen Xu (Umass Lowell - USA)
Yan Luo (University of Massachusetts Lowell)
Cody Bumgardner (University of Kentucky)
Michael McGarry (University of Texas at El Paso - USA)
Gabriel Ghinita (University of Massachusetts Boston - USA)

Automated Distribution of Access Control Rules in Defense Layers of an Enterprise Network
Adam Pavlidis (National Technical University of Athens - Greece)
Marinos Dimolianis (National Technical University of Athens - Greece)
Dimitris Kalogeras (National Technical University of Athens - Greece)
Vasilis Maglaris (National Technical University of Athens - Greece)

Demo: DroidNet - An Android Permission Control Recommendation System Based on Crowdsourcing      
Pulkit Rustgi (Virginia Commonwealth University - USA)
Carol Fung (Virginia Commonwealth University - USA)

An Identity Provider as a Service platform for the Research and Education Community
Michael Schmidt (Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ) - Germany)
Jule Ziegler (Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ) - Germany)

3:00PM - 3:30PM


IT Operations Analytics: Root Cause Analysis via Complex Event Processing
Martin Drasar (Masaryk University - Czech Republic)
Tomas Jirsik (Masaryk University - Czech Republic)

DNS Firewall Data Visualization
Stanislav Spacek (Masaryk University)
Vít Rusňák (Masaryk University - Czech Republic)
Anna-Marie Dombajová (Masaryk university - Czech Republic)
Predicting Distributions of Service Metrics

Forough Shahab Samani (KTH Royal Institute of Technology - Sweden)
Rolf Stadler (KTH The Royal Institute of Technology - Sweden)
Andreas Johnsson (Ericsson Research - Sweden)
Christofer Flinta (Ericsson Research - Sweden)

port2dist: Semantic Port Distances for Network Analytics
Laurent Evrard (University of Namur - Belgium)
Jérôme François (INRIA Nancy Grand Est - France)
Jean-Noel Colin (University of Namur - Belgium)
Frederic Beck (Inria - France)